AutoSEO And FullSEO, Which Semalt SEO Service Is Best?

At this point, almost everyone has heard of SEO. Most of you are quite familiar with its meaning and how it works. Off your head, you won’t mind explaining how awesome it is in driving traffic and getting your website ranked. However, we have the perfect article for you if you aren’t familiar with SEOs. Kindly click here and have a quick and interesting read on What SEOs mean and how they can help your business grow. 

But many times immediately I ask what type of SEO do you prefer AutoSEO or FullSEO I get this look. The one, a child, gives when you ask them a calculation they do not understand. Well, we aren't children, and we’re sure if you stick around, you’ll learn a lot more about SEO. In the end, you would have made up your mind on which form of SEO you prefer. 

As you know, SEOs are one of the cheapest ways to get your website recognized. And because they are highly targeted, your audience can feel an immediate connection when they visit your site. 

So the million dollar question remains what type of SEO is best FullSEO or AutoSEO?

Would you prefer FullSEO or AutoSEO?

For many website owners and internet users, they have no clue what this refers too. And it isn't something many people bother knowing. Many website owners believe just in SEO. They don’t want to get bored with all the in-depth details. However, we find this information necessary, especially when individuals like you try to understand it. 

Understanding SEO is incredibly beneficial. This way, you get to budget properly while maximizing your chances of success.

With thousands of SEO software and platforms like Semalt, the digital marketing world has become a maze. Website owners are now caught between who to choose or which services are best. SEO clients are torn between hiring an SEO agency or use the available SEO software/ platforms. And although they share certain similarities, they are different.

FullSEOs involves an individual or a team of SEO experts like our team here at Semalt. These experts brainstorm and strategize various on-page and off-page SEO strategies to use on your website.  

While AutoSEOs involves the use of software platforms to implement SEO strategies into a site. Sadly, many website users aren’t too comfortable with the idea of auto SEO. 

To help you determine which is better, we’ll have a look at both SEOs and evaluate their Pros and Cons. 


FullSEO still involves all the services and benefits of using SEO. You get to generate organic traffic and watch your website get ranked naturally. No doubt this is whatever the web owner wants. But how possible is that? Many website owners underestimate the value of SEO. Many think once they put in a couple of keywords, their website becomes SEO Optimized. But that isn’t the case. It is because of this reason many internet users doubt how good full SEO is.

Leaving your FullSEO to Semalt professionals can be one of the best decisions you will make for your website. As professionals, we spend our lives doing this. We even do it in our sleep, so there is no one better at optimizing your FullSEOs. And we give you more extra time to develop those new amazing ideas. FullSEOs are tedious and time-consuming, but you wouldn't have to worry about that. Think of it as a division of labour. No company, business or individual is an island. By delegating such tasks to our SEO team, you give yourself enough time. The time you could spend resting and grow rather than suffering sleep deprivation. And consider the loss if after all your effort you aren’t pleased with the result of your FullSEO. 

However, here are some key benefits of using FullSEO as both an on-page and off-page SEO for your website. 

Pros of using the FullSEO

  • You have complete control over your SEO strategy. With FullSEO, you dictate what goes where. You can transfer your ideas, concepts and personality into your website while optimizing your SEO. Your Strategy is completely yours, which means it’s unique.  
  • You can certify that the SEO task has been handled according to plan. Watching your plan get tanked is not a nice way to start a website. With FullSEO, you get to monitor your site and correct errors to the execution of your SEO plan. This way, you are beyond happy with the result.
  • With FullSEOs, you’re able to improve your off-page. Having an off-page is important in optimizing traffic to your site. Off pages is your website outside your website. When you write a guest post on another blog or leave a comment, that is considered an off-page promotion. FUllSEOs, allow you to handpick the links you use for these backlinks. This makes it very easy for internet users to relate your comment and your website. For a comment describing skincare, FullSEO makes it easy for you to handpick links on your website talking about skincare. This way, you convert comment readers into traffic and possibly customers. 
  • You can choose from where your site is linked. FullSEO allows you to choose the quality of linking sites and the quality of contents surrounding your backlinks. This way, you control who sees what and display your site in its best form.  

Cons of FullSEO

  • Nothing is perfect, and there are certain downsides to using FullSEO
  • Time-consuming: FullSEOs require a lot of time and effort from its writers. Especially when it's done by someone who isn't experienced in the field. Hiring the services of an SEO agency can be a great way to avoid this.  
  • It requires a dedicated team: you will need highly a highly dedicated team to pull off an amazing FullSEO.
  • For large websites, FullSEO implementation can take a long while. 


The 21st century has come with many advancements in technology. Human effort is greatly reduced with an improvement in output and its all thanks to technology. And of course, the brilliant individuals that help create it.  
AutoSEO is another aspect of our lives where technology has offered great help. Automated SEO is the use of fully automated or semi-automated SEO software and platforms to implement SEO strategies. This technology has limited the need for human effort.

Here are some of the advantages of AutoSEO

  • It is cheaper than FullSEO. It is relatively cheaper than FullSEO. Because little or no human effort is needed, there isn’t any SEO team. This cut down the cost of maintenance which makes it possible for AutoSEO service producers to reduce their cost. 
  • It easily handles tedious tasks: without the ability to get tired, suffer brain drain or get bored, machines can maintain an extremely fast and consistent processing speed. This makes it easy to handle tasks like audits, checking broken links, keyword density, tags and other vital information on websites regardless of its size. 
  • It is easier to get a more accurate and up to date data on your keyword ranking. 
  • This technology gives you the ability to analyze your competitions backlinks, keyword density, tags and other beneficial data. Then you can exploit this information, understand their secrets and improve your site. 
  • AutoSEO allows you to schedule SEO tasks which significantly saves time.  
  • There is no need to hire a big SEO team. Technology can make software do the job of ten people, and this saves cost for both buyer and seller. By eliminating the need to hire a big team, small companies and startups stand a better chance at surviving the harsh market.


The human overwatch is still needed. There are several reasons why humans still handle the most delicate and important tasks. No matter how sophisticated technology is, there is still a chance for it to malfunction.
  • When not properly used, SEO software creates bad backlinks. This can then get your website penalized.
  • Most SEO software focuses on the quantity of SEO keywords, backlinks etc. they do not pay so much attention to the quality. This can become a problem in the long run.
  • Most links created with SEO software or platforms hardly generate traffic to your site.  

Which should you use?

By offering both services, Semalt gives you the best opportunities to pick the most suitable option. Each individual and website is special, and you deserve a special treatment. Whatever option you feel is best, let us know, and we will deliver the best SEO site you've ever seen. With our wonderful team and our customer care agents who are always available, you can ask any questions that you may have and put you through. We feel more confident knowing that you have now understood what FullSEO and AutoSEO means. With this knowledge, you can now choose between Semalt FullSEO and AutoSEO services with all the information you need to ensure you choose the most suitable SEO service for your website and business. Now you can choose whichever option you think is best.